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  • D-SKOOL 4 R-4
    D-SKOOL 4 R-4
    Mon, 20 Nov
    Hybrid events
    20 Nov 2023, 17:00 CET – 31 Dec 2024, 17:00 CET
    Hybrid events

Transforming to a
Society & Culture 4.0 R^4


The document delves into the concept of Regenerative Innovation and Enterprises 4.0, emphasising the need for deep transformative re-learning and co-designing collective purpose for the common good. It underscores the importance of addressing ecological and spiritual divides and the creation of a post-patriarchal Regenerative Society & Culture 4.0. The document also outlines a project concept aimed at creating and scaling nature-based solutions (NBS) and New European Bauhaus (NEB) interventions to address pressing challenges and build a more sustainable, equitable, and just future.

Key Points:

  • The project emphasises the importance of regenerative innovation, deep transformative re-learning, and co-designing collective purpose for the common good.

  • The project highlights the ecological and spiritual divides that need to be addressed for the creation of a post-patriarchal regenerative society 4.0.

  • The project  focuses on regenerative innovation and enterprises 4.0 innovation and enterprising ecosystem development which leads to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

  • The project  proposes and develops a roadmap, with an action-`plan and work programme encompassing Deep transformative re-learning and co-designing personal and collective purpose, which fosters a sense of purpose and drives positive change in individuals and communities.

  • - The document also provides insights into the eco-social transformation through and its impact-driven results for eco-social profound innovation.

Project Concept:

The project concept aims to demonstrate the potential of nature-based solutions (NBS) and New European Bauhaus (NEB) interventions to contribute to sustainable, inclusive, and resilient living spaces and communities in Europe. It proposes to create and scale NBS and NEB interventions in various sectors and contexts, such as spatial planning, urban regeneration, real estate, tourism, mobility, bioeconomy, health, education, and governance, using a regenerative design and cultural transformation approach. The project concept adopts a digital and green 4.0 (Regenerative ^4) framework, consisting of four key elements: 4-helix, 4-returns, Fourth Sector, and Quadruple balanced enterprise ecosystem.

Impact-Driven Results:

The project aims to have multiple impacts, such as enhancing the resilience and sustainability of urban, peri-urban, and rural areas, improving the well-being and health of communities, stimulating the local and circular economy, and advancing the knowledge and innovation in NBS and NEB.


The document provides valuable insights into regenerative innovation, open collaboration, and the integration of digital and green technologies to foster a more sustainable and equitable society. It emphasises the transformative approach to address pressing challenges and build a more just and regenerative future. The project concept aligns with the Horizon Europe Framework Programme and is expected to have significant impacts on enhancing resilience, improving community well-being, stimulating the local economy, and advancing knowledge in NBS and NEB.

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